Sometimes a Ghost

Liz always suspected that her lovely old home Braybrook was full of secrets. She never imagined that a friendly ghost would reveal them to her. Sometimes the girl from the past came, often she didn’t. But her eagerly-awaited visits were always exciting and full of surprises A torn note, found long ago and remembered, hints at a mystery that needs to be solved. Is the answer in the past or present?  It is almost certainly in Braybrook.

The Fire Ignites

“It begins with a spark that ignites into an inferno, and while a spark is harmless, an inferno almost always burns. You are the spark, Rose.” Allarose May is not like other girls. She has no friends, writes in a secret diary, and has always wanted a tattoo. But after she wakes up from a month-long coma with a long scar on her neck and a stranger at her door, Rose is forced to concede that her life is about to change forever. When she is thrust into the middle of a war between two very different species – vampire and werewolf – she thinks life can’t get any worse. Then she meets Finn, a black-hired, silver-eyed hottie that brings forward the secrets of her rocky past and unlocks the key to her future. But when Allarose is pulled deeper and deeper into the world she thought only existed in books, can she survive the battle that rages between Fire and Ice?